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3 Problematic Sounds From a Water Heater

woman-listeningHow can you tell your water heater is in trouble without losing any access to hot water in your home? Listen to your system! No, your water heater isn’t going to start forming words one day out of the blue. But it does have a way to tell you something is up that needs your attention: it is going to make strange noises that should tell you it is time to call for water heater repairs.

But what are these noises and how do you know that you need to listen for them? We can answer these questions and more for you below. When you are ready, we can also be the ones to fix your faulty water heater too!

What Noise is Your Water Heater Making?

Your water heater isn’t likely to operate without making any sounds at all. A system that doesn’t make a peep often is one that isn’t running. There are several noises that you shouldn’t ignore from your water heater, especially if these sounds are new to your ears.

  1. Rumbling: Sedimentary build-up is going t be the main culprit that causes this sound and others. Rumbling is a noise you will hear when a layer of sediment collects in your water heater tank and the water essentially has to percolate through that build-up as it warms.
  2. Kettling: Is that the tea kettle whistling at you? No? Then it might be your water heater. Kettling is a high-pitched whistle that is similar to the one a tea kettle makes, hence the name. This sound is created when water gets trapped within a layer of sediment in your system, heats up further than the rest of the water, and turns to steam at which point it escapes the sediment and creates that distinct sound.
  3. Popping: Does it sound like there are tiny fireworks going off in your water heater? If so, this is no time for celebration. Popping is a noise you’ll hear when the sedimentary build-up is causing water to become trapped in your tank and boil.

When Should I Check My Water Heater for Strange Sounds

In some cases, the sounds a faulty water heater makes may be noticeable in your home. In other cases, you may need to turn on a hot water tap and then go hang out near your water heater and take a few minutes to see if you hear some of the sounds listed above. Otherwise, if you notice anything strange with your hot water supply,  you can also simply contact the professionals at Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning to check things out on your behalf.

Our Water Heater Repairs Make a Difference

When you contact Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning you are going to get service for your water heater that will get the job done no matter what. If your system is malfunctioning, we will get the issue diagnosed and repaired without any hassle.

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