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Reasons Your Boiler Isn’t Doing the Job It Should

boiler-residentialUsing a boiler is still a common way to provide warmth to a home in Staten Island. Although there are more gas furnaces in use, boilers are mainstays of homes that don’t use ventilation systems. They’re also popular for the energy savings they can provide and the excellent comfort that feels much different than the air blown out from furnaces.

Boilers are reliable systems. But what if the one you have isn’t working right? If you’ve turned on your boiler system to help with dropping temperatures, but discovered that it can’t keep up with the cold or is creating uneven heating around the house, you may have a repair issue that will require professionals.

Why you boiler may be falling behind on the job

  • Extreme age: Boilers often outlast furnaces, but of course they aren’t immortal. A boiler that has been in service for more than 20 years will start to lose its efficiency as the wear on parts catches up to it. If you have a boiler that’s been in service more than 20 years, dropping heat output often means it’s time to have a new unit put in.
  • Gas burner trouble: Most boilers are gas-powered and use burners similar to the ones found in furnaces. If the burner isn’t lit correctly, it will mean a boiler that will lose heat or which can’t provide heat. As with any appliance connected to a gas main, only professionals should work with the burners.
  • Leaking: Boilers circulate the same water through their system over and over again. If leaks start, the drop in water levels will also cause a decline in heating power. Leaks are also harmful for building materials. If you see any water pooling around the base of your boiler, call for a professional immediately.
  • Faulty circulator pump: The key mechanical component of a boiler is the circulator pump, which is responsible for moving the water from the boiler’s tank into the pipes and then to the various baseboard heaters and radiators. If this pump malfunctions, it can bring the whole system to a halt.
  • Burned-out heating element: If you have an electric boiler, a drop in heat may be due to one of the electric heating elements burning out. The heating elements are located inside the tank and are what does the actual heating of the water. You’ll need a professional to replace the broken element.
  • Corroded heat exchanger: The heat exchanger is the part of the boiler system that transfers heat from the combustion gas into the tank. This part can corrode and seriously impair the boiler’s function. If caught early enough, the corroded exchanger may be able to be replaced. If the corrosion spreads, it’s best to replace the entire boiler.

No matter what reason you need to have boiler repair in Staten Island, NY, our expert heating technicians will quickly get to the bottom of the problem and have it fixed. In some cases, such as extremely old boilers, we may recommend a full boiler replacement. We’ll see this job is handled fast so you can have your warm house restored.

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