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Is It the Heater or the Ducts Causing Comfort Problems?

big-blue-question-markCentral heating systems for homes are one of the great modern conveniences. Here in New York we depend on them every day to spread warmth evenly to all the rooms through a network of ducts. But there’s a chance that this winter you may start to experience heating that’s less than what you expect. Some rooms may be comfortable, while others feel chillier. Or maybe the whole house simply feels cooler and you have to turn the thermostat up higher than normal to reach the point where everyone is cozy.

You shouldn’t accept any of these situations. There’s something wrong with your HVAC system. The problem might have to do with your heating system (in most cases, this is a furnace). But it could be trouble with the ducts. In some situations, it might be both! To find out what’s wrong, let an HVAC technician take a look so you can have the problem fixed before icicles start forming in the living room.

Problems with the heating system

Let’s start by looking at the heater itself. If you use a gas furnace, which is the most common type heating system in the area, the trouble may come from gas burners that are weaker than normal or aren’t all lighting. Often the gas burner must be cleaned off, a job for a professional only.

Another common culprit for a drop in heating power from a gas furnace or other forced-air system is trouble with the blower motor. If the blower is struggling to send heated air through the ducts, the drop in airflow will mean a drop in comfort levels in the rooms.

You may be dealing with a clogged air filter. This is a situation you can resolve yourself: simply change out the congested filter for a new one. Make sure you do this regularly, every 1 to 3 months depending on the filter type.

Problems with the ductwork

Duct leaks are unfortunately a common issue. They can start because of an increase in air pressure in the ventilation system, corrosion, damage from insects and vermin, or just aging. If heated air begins escaping through the ducts, it will reduce air pressure in general (lowering airflow) and some rooms will not receive as much warmth as usual. This will also cause a steep rise in heating bills.

If the trouble is with the ductwork, it isn’t something you can repair on your own – definitely not with duct tape! (It’s not useful for ducts.) You’ll need the assistance of professionals to take care of the necessary duct repair or replacement. We recommend replacement when the ducts are extremely old or extensively damaged. In other situations, a duct sealing job should be able to restore the ventilation system to airtight.

No matter the source of your home heating issues this winter, you can find the duct repair or heating repair in Staten Island, NY that you need when you contact us. We have the confidence in the quality of our services to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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