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Why Water Heaters Are in More Danger in Winter

water-heater-tankDuring a tough winter here in Staten Island, you can easily imagine why your home heating system would be under a great deal of stress. In fact, you don’t use the heater much at all the rest of the year, so you expect that if your heating system needs repairs, those problems will probably happen during the winter.

But did you know that your water heater is also under greater strain in the winter? Because the water heater is at work 365 days out of the year, people often assume that it works the same amount all twelve months. But there are reasons why there’s additional stress on a water heater in winter—and therefore why a water heater is more likely to run into the need for repairs at this time.

The Water Heater in Winter

The main reason a water heater does more work in winter is because homes use more hot water then. For example, hot showers take longer, and luxuriating in a hot bath after coming in from the cold is a wonderful feeling.

Hot water usage also rises at the beginning of winter because a homeowner might entertain more guests, who may be staying over for the holidays. We’re just coming off another busy winter holiday season, and the water heater in your home probably has just gone through its most intense period of use. It might already be heading toward a potential malfunction because of it. Even in the best circumstances, it’s at a higher risk of problems through the rest of the winter.

Finally, both tank and tankless water heaters must work harder to heat up the water that enters them because that water is cooler. The water entering your house through the water main has already lost plenty of heat through the pipe walls on its way to you. It will enter the tank of a standard water heater or the heat exchanger of a tankless water heater colder than normal. The water heater will have to apply a greater amount of heat to reach the desired temperature.

(Some homeowners lower the temperature on the water heater during the winter to help cut down on energy bills and reduce stress on the system. If you try this, lower the temperature setting to 125°F and see if this still gives you enough heat. Whatever you do, don’t raise the temperature above 140°F because it creates a potential scalding risk!)

Look to Water Heater Pros for All Repairs

We provide service for water heaters in Staten Island, NY, including repairs and new installations of energy-saving tankless water heaters. Keep a close watch on your water heater during this winter, and never hesitate to call us if you think there’s something wrong with it. A few of those warning signs:

  • A rumbling tank
  • Any indications of water leaks
  • Spots of corrosion
  • A drop in hot water volume
  • A drop in heat

Our water heater experts will see that you have your hot water restored to you and that the water heater stays dependable the rest of the winter.

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