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Warnings You May Have a Boiler That Needs Repairs

wrenchesNot all HVAC contractors work on services to install and repair boilers. That’s unfortunate, since boilers are still popular choices for home heating that offer a number of benefits over using a forced-air system like a furnace. We’re proud to offer complete services for boiler installation and boiler repair in Staten Island, NY. Many of our customers rely on boilers to get them through the winter, and it’s our duty to see those boilers stay in the best shape for as long as possible.

I think my boiler needs to be repaired, but I’m not sure…

Here’s a good rule to live by: if you are unsure about your boiler’s performance, then you definitely need to call professionals to look into it. There’s something making you suspicious, and unless it’s a problem that’s easily solved (like a mistake in thermostat settings), it will take skilled HVAC repair technicians to uncover the actual problem and find solutions to it.

Below is a list of suspicious signs that will warn you that your boiler needs service:

  • Kettling: This is when the boiler starts making rattling sounds like a kettle boiling. In general, any weird noise from the boiler—something you aren’t used to hearing—is a reason to call for a home heating professional. Your boiler isn’t likely to explode, but kettling often indicates a build-up of sediment along the bottom of the tank that will make it harder for the heating elements to warm up the water. It could also be the boiler overheating, and this needs to be fixed ASAP.
  • Leaking: You never want to see water leaking from the boiler’s tank or pooling around it. Leaking water usually comes from valves that are loose or wearing down, or from poorly soldered connection points (one of the reasons you never want amateurs to install a boiler). Leaking will only worsen if you allow it to continue, and may eventually lead to needing to have a complete boiler replacement.
  • Radiators/baseboards heaters going cold: You’re receiving warmth in your house, but not in every part of it. One of the radiators or baseboard heaters won’t give off heat. Don’t shrug it off, there could be major problems in the boiler’s piping.
  • Higher utility bills: A large portion of the energy your home uses during winter goes to the boiler. When you notice a rise in your energy bills that you can’t account for, one possibility is that the boiler is failing and draining more power to work.
  • Corrosion: You never want to see corrosion on any part of a boiler, but especially not on the tank. If you catch corrosion soon enough, the corroded parts can sometimes be replaced to restore the system. However, corrosion is most likely to occur late in a boiler’s service life, and then it’s a sign it’s time to install a new boiler.

You can trust our experts to diagnose your boiler’s problems accurately, and then have the repairs done so you’ll have your cozy home restored to you.

Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning has served Staten Island’s heating and A/C needs since 1955.

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