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Serving Staten Island's Heating and A/C needs since 1950


The Perks of Electric Furnace Heaters

dog-under-blanketStaten Island can produce weather that can be hard to contend with. Thank goodness for powerful heaters! Not every heater is the right fit for every home though. You need to have a heater that meets your comfort needs without costing too much.

If you are replacing an older heater,  or you are looking to set up your home with the best possible system from the start, it may be a good idea to consider an electric furnace in Staten Island, NY. Curious about this system? Check out some of the great perks that can come with the addition of an electric furnace to your home and reach out to us for installation and any other services you may need.

What Sets an Electric Furnace Apart?

Maybe you’ve heard of furnaces before or you have even enjoyed the comfort that one provides up until now. So what makes an electric furnace unique? The fact that it doesn’t require any natural gas to do its job!

Electric furnaces create heat through electrical resistance. The heat that the system creates is then blown into the home to warm everyone up. This is a highly energy-efficient heating method that circumvents any risk that might come from a natural gas system encountering an issue like a cracked heat exchanger.

What Benefits an Electric Furnace Offers

So why would you want to consider having an electric furnace in your home? There is more than one reason that these systems can make for a great heating solution. The benefits of an electric furnace include:

  1. You don’t need to worry about getting a gas line connection. When you opt for an electric furnace there is one thing you don’t need: a gas line! This means if you don’t have a gas line set up already, there is no need to worry about adding one.
  2. Reduced need for maintenance or repairs. These systems use electrical resistance to make heat rather than combustion. This is going to reduce the wear and tear that your furnace accrues. And that adds up to a reduced need for maintenance and repairs. You might even enjoy a longer lifespan with your electric furnace because of this.
  3. A great chance for increased affordability. Due to the fact that an electric furnace doesn’t need a gas hook-up, the installation is going to be easier and more affordable in comparison to a gas furnace. If you have affordable electricity in your area as well, this can all combine to allow you to enjoy better affordability overall.

Are you ready to enjoy effective, energy-efficient heating in your home? If so, considering an electric furnace could be a great option.

The team at Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning can provide you with the installation and additional system services you need to keep your home warm. We are a team of professionals that you can rely on the get the job done right.

Serving Staten Island’s Heating and A/C needs since 1955. Contact the pros at Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your heating system service.

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