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Time For Heater Maintenance! 5 Reasons To Schedule Now

wrenchesThe weather has finally started to switch things around and cool off. It can be a relief to be able to turn your air conditioner off after a long, hot summer. As the temperatures begin to cool off, it is important to remember that you aren’t just responsible for making sure your AC unit is shut off for the season; you also need to make sure to prepare your heating system for the months to come.

Have you scheduled maintenance for your heating in Staten Island, NY? If you haven’t, then we’d advise making the call soon. Maintenance can be the service that defines how comfortable you are over the next several months. Here’s why:

1. Maintenance improves the efficiency of your heater

The is a perk that everyone really enjoys. Energy efficiency is going to tell you how much you are spending on the energy and fuel needed to heat your home. The better your energy efficiency the less money you need to spend on your monthly bills for your heater–and maintenance can prevent up to a 5% drop in your system’s efficiency.

2. Maintenance improves the safety of your gas system

If you have a gas-burning furnace, you really want to make sure that you schedule maintenance on a regular annual basis. With maintenance, a technician is going to be checking over your entire system to make sure everything is in optimal condition. This allows them to also check for any safety hazards and address them before they pose a larger threat later in the season.

3. Maintenance reduces the chances of bad smells in the home

This might not seem like a problem now but you’d be surprised how many people contact us about a smelly heater. There is dust and debris that can collect inside your heating system, along with other contaminants, that can stink up the house once the system turns on. Maintenance cleans your heating system out which will help prevent this issue entirely.

4. Maintenance keeps your energy bills reasonable

We know we already touched on energy efficiency but we want to emphasize this. It is one thing to say you are using less energy and another to say you are going to end up paying less cash over the course of the colder months. A difference of 5% of your energy efficiency adds up to quite a lot of saved cash on your monthly energy bills.

5. Maintenance reduces the need for repairs

This is a pretty big one. When you schedule annual maintenance, it’s going to address a variety of small problems and prevent them from escalating into repair needs. For example, tightening a loose screw prevents it from coming loose halfway through the winter and causing more damage to your system that needs a pricey repair.

If you have not scheduled your yearly maintenance appointment for your heating system, whether it is a heat pump or a furnace, it is a good idea to get this service taken care of now. Maintenance can save you time and money in the long run especially when it is provided by a team of professionals like ours.

Schedule your maintenance appointment with Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning. Serving Staten Island’s Heating and A/C needs since 1955.

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