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How Does a UV Light Benefit You?

uv-lightThis is the time of year when many people are enjoying some extra UV rays in the form of spending time outside and soaking up some sun. Sunshine and the UV light it contains provides us with warmth and, if we aren’t careful, a nice sunburn. But did you know it can also be used inside your house?

No, we aren’t saying you need to grab a UV light to scan the surfaces in your house for germs. But there is a way to add a UV light in your home that actually can help your health and your indoor air quality in the long run. Interested to learn more? Just read on.

Using an Ultraviolet Purification System

UV germicidal lights are one of the key types of air purification systems on the market. It might seem like an odd way to clean the air in your home, but UV light is actually quite effective in getting rid of a host of airborne contaminants that might otherwise cause problems for your home’s air quality and your health.

See, ultraviolet light doesn’t just give us sunburns, it also has the ability to destroy different airborne particles such as viruses or bacteria. UV light can either kill a particle, causing it to literally break down, or it can destroy its ability to reproduce, rendering it about as harmless as dust. This allows that ultraviolet light to protect you from any viruses, bacteria, and even mold spores that might otherwise get into your home through your ductwork and start causing problems.

Can a UV Light Purifier Hurt Me?

We know we’ve mentioned the fact that UV light can be harmful to humans via extended exposure a couple of times–sunburns aren’t fun! However, we want to assure you that a UV light in your home isn’t going to be harmful to anyone in the house, well, other than those airborne contaminants of course.

A UV air purifier is going to be installed within your ductwork which means that it isn’t able to harm you or anyone else in the house–and even if you made contact with it, it wouldn’t hurt you as it’s a different type of UV radiation. This makes it a perfectly safe and quite effective method of cleaning the air in your home.

Perks of UV Purifiers

So let’s take a quick moment to discuss the positive impact a UV germicidal light air purification system can have on your home:

  • Reduces illness: UV purifiers can nullify viruses and bacteria that pass through your ductwork, meaning that it a=can reduce the chances that you will get ill as often.
  • Combats allergies: By destroying certain contaminants, your UV purifier can also help t0 reduce the number of aggravators for your allergies that enter the house.
  • Prevents mold growth: Because it stops certain particles from  being able to spread, mold spores won’t be able to grow in your home, meaning your purifier can save you the bother of having to fight mold in your house

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