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Indoor Air Quality Can Be a Serious Problem in Winter

Question: Where is the air quality worse, outside a home or inside?

You’ll probably answer “outside,” since this is place people associate with pollution. But according to studies, the air quality inside a home (as well as other buildings) can be 3 to 4 times worse than the air outside! Why is this? It’s because a home has numerous sources of pollutants inside it. Just a short list: gas-using appliances, cosmetics, personal care products, hobby products, cleaning supplies, air fresheners, paint, varnish, and pressed wood products. Without any easy way for these contaminants to exit a home, they’ll soon start to build up.

And this becomes especially serious during a cold winter in New York. Homes need to be sealed up tight in order to help them keep warm. Trapping the heat from a heating system is necessary to make sure the heater doesn’t waste energy. This sealed home won’t let many pollutants leave, and the concentration of unhealthy airborne contaminants can grow.

What Can I Do About This?

Fortunately, plenty. The technology of indoor air quality solutions is constantly expanding, and when you call on our IAQ professionals, they’ll find the best way to clean your home’s air.

Air filtration systems are a good starting point for improving air quality. Filters that are matched to the HVAC system will remove most larger particles (dust, dander, pollen) without restricting airflow. Adding an electronic air purifier will help the filtration system by targeting even smaller particles that slip through the fiber meshes. Our experts will find the right match of filters and purifiers for your needs.

Another option is to have an energy or heat recovery ventilator installed. This device is integrated into the ventilation system to draw in fresh outdoor air, but pre-heat it using the warmer air indoors. This recovers the energy used to heat the air so it doesn’t go to waste—and you end up with fresh air.

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