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Tankless Water Heater Problems to Watch For

Having reliable hot water in this area is a big deal, especially as temperatures start to drop in the coming months. If you have recently opted for a tankless water heater installation in Staten Island, NY, you should be looking forward to enjoying a winter without having to worry about your hot water ditching you during the middle of a shower. Choosing to install a tankless water heater to service your needs will save you money on your energy and water bills while also reducing the amount of time spent waiting for hot water. What a win!

Now, not to rain on the parade, but even your tankless hot water heater will have problems at some point. This is normal but leaving any issues that pop up unaddressed can lead to larger problems that could cost you a pretty penny. It pays to plan ahead for taking care of any potential trouble your system may encounter.

What Issues You Should Look For

The good news here is that you are planning ahead by learning about what problems your system could encounter that you need to watch for. After all, the sooner you get your water heater repaired, the lower your chances are of needed to replace it too early.

Make sure you keep an eye out for:

  • Scaly Buildup: While we may not have to deal with “hard water” in this region, our water supply still contains minerals that will eventually build up in your system. Mineral buildup can impede your water heater’s ability to function and, if left unchecked, can cause damage that might shorten its lifespan.
  • Overloading Your System: Tankless water heaters are “on-demand” systems meaning they save you money but also that having an overly high demand can cause your system to hit its limit on what it can do. For example, having too many people trying to shower at once can lead to a struggle to provide hot water, making your system shut down completely. If this happens often, it means that you will want to invest in a heater with a  larger capacity or a second unit.
  • Blocked Air Supply or Exhaust: If you check your tankless water heater and discover an error code, this may mean that its air supply or exhaust is blocked. You can help avoid this by checking that all vent pipes are properly connected, along with making sure that there are no nests, rodents, etc. blocking the air supply.
  • Gas or Electrical Issues: An issue with your gas supply can lead to an ignition failure you try to turn on your system. Similarly, problems with gas pressure or electrical issues can lead to a burner flame failure. These system failures can be caused by other factors as well, which is why it is best to have your heater evaluated by a professional when they occur.

These are just some of the problems that your tankless water heater might encounter in its time providing you and yours with pleasant showers and other services. When your hot water heater encounters trouble, make sure you help it by reaching out to a professional for the best assessment and repair possible.

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