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Know Your AC Options

big-blue-question-markCooling season is here and you are going to be relying heavily on your air conditioning system if you aren’t doing so already. The problem here is that your A/C may not be able to properly do its job if it is too old or worn out. Modern air conditioners are built to last for a long time but not forever so if yours has gotten to the stage when it needs to be retired, the sooner that you get this done the better.

Choosing a new air conditioning system isn’t always easy but it can be made easier by learning what your options for a new one are. Knowing what you can choose from will help you to figure out what option will best suit your needs. Once you make a choice, just make sure to schedule your AC installation with a team of professionals to ensure that it will enjoy a full lifespan and optimal operation.

What Are Your Options for a New Air Conditioner?

Believe it or not, there is more than one option available to you when you are hunting for a new A/C system. The thing to remember is that you want to find the one that will suit your home needs best! To help with this, we’ve described your cooling system options below along with what might make them an ideal choice for your home.

The Central Air Conditioner

When most people picture an air conditioner, the image in their head is usually the central air conditioning system. This is because this is one of the most commonly used types of A/C that has been around for a long while. These systems use an indoor evaporator unit and an outdoor condenser unit to cycle refrigerant and absorb heat from your home. You may want to install a central A/C system if:

  • You already have ductwork in your home
  • You have room for an indoor and outdoor unit
  • You want a system that will provide even cooling throughout the home.
  • You want a modern, energy-efficient system

The Heat Pump Mini Split

Ever wondered what that slim box on your neighbor’s living room wall was? It may have been a heat pump! Heat pumps, or heat pump mini splits, are systems that use air handlers and an outdoor unit to provide year-round comfort to the home. These systems operate by performing a heat exchange to cool your home and run silently while they do it. Oh, and did we mention they can heat your home too? These are great systems for you if:

  • You are looking for a more energy-efficient cooling option
  • You want to customize your home comfort
  • You have parts of your home that don’t always need to be cooled
  • You need to replace or install an efficient heating system

The Ductless Heat Pump

Last but not least is the ductless heat pump. This isn’t too different from the regular heat pump mini split aside from one big factor: it operates without needing to use ductwork! This reduces the risk of air loss from ductwork problems and reduces the amount of space the system needs. Choose this option if:

  • You don’t want ductwork
  • You are looking for a heating and cooling system
  • You want an effective and energy-efficient comfort option

Whatever you choose, our team can get it installed correctly. Contact Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning to get started. Serving Staten Island’s Heating and A/C needs since 1955 

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