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How a New Gas Furnace Can Make Heating Improvements

Monday, December 3rd, 2018

Furnace-standardThere are many advantages of installing a new gas furnace in your home. Today’s furnaces are more efficient than ever before, and efficiency matters. Here in Staten Island, the winters can get icy, so you’ll most definitely run your furnace regularly. Having an efficient furnace system means keeping your heating bills as low as possible.  

Natural gas is the fuel of choice for homeowners. Not only is it affordable, it’s clean, safe, and highly efficient. Installing a natural gas furnace in your home allows you to save money and go green. There are so many advantages of owning a natural gas furnace.

However, before you decide to purchase one, you need to first figure out if it is the best choice for your home. A qualified technician can help you make this decision. Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning is a Staten Island, NY, HVAC contractor that is ready to help you!

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Should I Install an Electric or Gas Furnace?

Monday, February 26th, 2018

big-blue-question-markFurnaces have a long history, and over that time they have run from a variety of energy sources. The earliest furnaces burned wood and coal. Today a furnace can run from oil, propane, and even condensed wood pellets. However, the most common energy sources are electricity and natural gas.

If you are thinking about having a furnace installed for your home, you’ll probably be making the choice between going gas or going electric. (You may have already had to deal with a similar decision regarding your kitchen oven and stove.)

Is there a best choice? No—because each home is different and each homeowner is different. We can break down some of the benefits and drawbacks of the two furnace types to help you start thinking about which one will meet your needs.

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What’s in the Future of Air Conditioning and Heating?

Monday, August 14th, 2017

digital_house_blueprintWe have a long history as an HVAC company: we’ve been serving the comfort needs of homes in Staten Island for more than 60 years. When we first started in business in the mid-1950s, the window air conditioning unit was the newest innovation in cooling, and many homes still lacked ventilation systems. Today, we work with central air conditioners, high efficiency cooling systems, flexible ductless mini split heat pumps, computerized zone control systems, smart thermostats, and more. The development of air conditioning technology over the past few decades is tremendous—and we’ve not only stayed current with it, we’re always looking ahead to the future.

We’re going to use the HVAC crystal ball to look forward to what we can expect in the future when it comes to heating and air conditioning. The technology for many of these developments is already in place. It’s only a question of finding the best way to implement them affordably for residential systems.

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How Gas Furnaces Have Changed to Become More Efficient

Monday, January 30th, 2017

gas-furnace-burners-combustion-chamberAt Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re always looking toward the future of heating and AC technology. Like any field, HVAC continues to advance with new developments, refinements, and innovations. Even comparing air conditioners and furnaces from only a decade ago shows how far the new equipment has advanced.

We’ll take the gas furnace as an example. After all, it’s the most common type of heating system in the country, and many Staten Island, NY homes have gas furnaces working through winter to provide them with warmth.

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Boilers vs. Furnaces: Which Is Better?

Monday, December 12th, 2016

When you are considering the new heating system options for a home, you have many different choices available. One of the big divides is between a furnace, which is a forced-air system, and a boiler, which is a radiant heating system. The type you choose will have a major effect on the house itself, since a furnace uses a ventilation network to distribute heat, and a boiler uses water pipes.

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How Does a Heat Pump Both Heat and Cool?

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

One of the options that you have for heating your home during the winter is also an option for cooling your home during the summer. A heat pump gives you year-round comfort in a single system, replacing the more conventional pairing of an air conditioner and a furnace in a single cabinet. Although heat pumps aren’t the ideal choice for all homes, they are definitely an option to consider whenever you’re looking for a new comfort system.

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